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Common Claims

Do you have a securities law claim under which you can recover losses and other damages from a stock broker or brokerage firm?

What Constitutes Investment Fraud

Legal grounds for investment fraud include unsuitability, violations of State Securities Acts, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, common law fraud, more...

About Securities Arbitration

In binding arbitration, the parties present evidence to an arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators and agree to abide by the decision of the arbitrator(s) regarding the dispute. Ideally, settling disputes by arbitration is faster and less complicated and time-consuming than going to court.

Securities Law News

Tenant-in-Common (TIC) 1031 Securities Claims

The failure of securities salespersons and their firms to perform due diligence on the TIC deals they recommend, and on the sponsors of the TIC deals, can result in disastrous outcomes for their customers.

McLeod Ponzi Scheme Preys on Government Employees

The SEC filed an Emergency Complaint on June 24, 2010 against the Estate of Kenneth Wayne McLeod, F&S Asset Management Group, and Federal Employee Benefits Group, alleging that Mr. McLeod engaged in a ponzi scheme.

Medical Capital Charged With Fraud

The SEC alleges that Medical Capital paid out 24% of investor funds as administrative fees and engaged in sham intercompany transactions to pay back principal and interest to investors in prior offerings.

Provident Royalties / Shale Royalties charged with fraud by SEC

Provident Royalties, LLC and many related entities have been charged with engaging in a $485 million offering fraud and orchestrating a ponzi scheme.

Auction Rate Securities

Auction Rate Securities (ARS), often sold as liquid cash equivalents, have become a major problem for investors due to the failures of the auctions and the inability of investors to access their funds.

Schwab YieldPlus

Was the Schwab YieldPlus fund “smart alternative for your cash” or “one of the more spectacular meltdowns in mutual fund history”?

Universal Lease and Timeshare Claims

Greco & Greco is currently pursuing claims involving Resort Holdings International, Yucatan Resorts, Majesty Travel, Avalon Resorts, and/or Phantasy Travel.

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Losses resulting from stock broker fraud are recoverable.

Although losses in investment accounts may be the result of poor investments, investors who lose money due to the misconduct of their broker can recover their losses from the broker and brokerage firm. Greco & Greco represents investors who have sustained losses due to unsuitable recommendations, churning of the account, unauthorized trading, securities fraud, etc.

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